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    New agreement handling of wheat shipments Port of Sohar

    On 10 August 2020, Sohar Flour Mills LLC and C. Steinweg Oman LLC extended their cooperation by signing a new agreement for the handling of wheat import shipments. It is expected that Sohar Flour Mills will begin its own wheat discharge operations from first quarter of 2021 in the Port of Sohar. Until then, C. Steinweg Oman will discharge the wheat import shipments and transport the cargo into the warehouse of Sohar Flour Mills

    In order to support Oman and its good citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic, C. Steinweg Oman has reduced its handling charges to Sohar Flour Mills (Brand Owner of REEFY) to boost the import of additional wheat and enhance Oman food security and sustainability. Both parties look forward to continuing their collaboration and business relationship)

    Raid Al-Rubaiey, CEO, Sohar Flour Mills LLC
    Hendrik Schenkenberg van Mierop, CEO, C. Steinweg Oman LLC